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Signature Music Collections

We've partnered with top photographers and filmmakers to create Triple Scoop Music's "Signature Series" Music Collections. Each one features a unique music playlist designed to supercharge the emotional impact of your photo, film and video projects. Discover award-winning artists and composers from around the globe!

TSM Music Collections

Triple Scoop Music Triple Scoop Music Cinematic Soundtracks
Sue Bryce Sue Bryce Beauty, Glamour, Love!
Joe Buissink Joe Buissink Weddings
Kelly Brown Kelly Brown Newborns
Tony Corbell Tony Corbell A Day In The Light
Jerry Ghionis Jerry Ghionis International Weddings & Fashion
Scott Kelby Scott Kelby Landscape & Travel
Tamara Lackey Tamara Lackey Little Ones
Yervant Yervant World Class Weddings
Bambi Cantrell Bambi Cantrell Weddings and Love
Ken Sklute Ken Sklute Dynamic Landscapes
Joe McNally Joe McNally Capturing Life
Julieanne Kost Julieanne Kost Fractured Moments
Lindsay Adler Lindsay Adler Fashion Forward
Louis Pang Louis Pang Portraits, Weddings and Love
Roberto Valenzuela Roberto Valenzuela Boutique Weddings Around The World
Eddie Tapp Eddie Tapp Visual Adventures
Kay Eskridge Kay Eskridge Celebrate Sexy Boudoir Collection
Jared Platt Jared Platt Light and Love
Kenny Kim Kenny Kim Desination Weddings
CM Leung CM Leung Beautiful Weddings
David Robin David Robin Wedding Cinema
Vicki Taufer Vicki Taufer Blissful Babies and Families
Robert Evans Robert Evans Rhythms Of Boudoir
Blair Phillips Blair Phillips High Impact Senior Portraits
Anthony Vazquez Anthony Vazquez Weddings and Romance
Ray Roman Ray Roman Award Winning Weddings
Kevin Kubota Kevin Kubota Complete Weddings
Bill Frakes Bill Frakes Sports and Action
Matthew Jordan Smith Matthew Jordan Smith Love, Fashion & Beauty
Mike Colón Mike Colón Lifestyle & Weddings
Lori Nordstrom Lori Nordstrom Real Kids
Denis Reggie Denis Reggie Weddings
Kirk Voclain Kirk Voclain High School Senior Portraits
Jim Garner Jim Garner Engagements & Weddings
Marcus Bell Marcus Bell Extraordinary Moments
Rod Evans Rod Evans High School Senior Portraits
Jerry Ghionis Jerry Ghionis Portraits, Weddings & Fashion
David Beckstead David Beckstead Weddings and Fashion
Bob & Dawn Davis Bob & Dawn Davis Love Stories
Dane Sanders Dane Sanders Inspirational Weddings & Portraits
Ron Dawson Ron Dawson True Romance
Bambi Cantrell Bambi Cantrell Children, Teens & Family Portraits
Joe Buissink Joe Buissink Weddings
Sandy Puc Sandy Puc Bellies, Babies & Children