"No project would be complete without the
incredible music library from Triple Scoop Music"
- Bill Frakes (Apple, Nikon, Sports Illustrated)


Get unlimited music for all of your 2018 video and photo projects with Triple Scoop Music's new subscription feature.  

Read on for details on TSM's new unlimited music memberships and a discount code you can use this month.

For customers who would love to access unlimited music for a low yearly price, we have an exciting NEW option for you:

Our brand new membership plans provide you with a full year subscription to our entire award-winning music catalog. Download the music you need, whenever you need it!

This means that you can download music every day, all year long for use within your videos, slideshows, event films, and also for social media content on FaceBook, YouTube, Instagram.  You’ll save time and money with use of our incredible library of world-class music - over 45,000 hand-picked songs and soundtracks.   

How do I start my membership and get a discount?
It's easy, simply sign in to your account (or start a free account), and then visit the freshly updated "My Membership" page. Choose either monthly billing or annual billing. Unlimited music plans start at only $50 per month. Make sure to use the discount code MEMBERSHIP2018 and you'll save even more.

Customized Memberships:
Design your own custom membership plan! We can help with a membership perfectly matched to the needs of any business, including corporate & commercial groups. Send an email to music@triplescoopmusic.com with details on your business and the types of projects you're creating. We can provide an affordable unlimited plan created just for you.

On behalf of our entire team, we look forward to providing you with award-winning music.

If you have any questions or if you're interested in a customized membership, please email music@triplescoopmusic.com. We’ll be happy to help!
To your success!
From the team at Triple Scoop Music




"When I need amazing music to match my visuals, I come to Triple Scoop Music."  - Sion Michel, Cinematographer (Coca Cola, Nike, BMW)

"No project would be complete without the incredible music library at Triple Scoop.”
–  Bill Frakes (Apple, Nikon, Sports Illustrated)

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